Open Your Eyes

How wild are you willing to get?

Thug Waffle - Flatbush Zombies

Alexander Spit - A Breathtaking Trip

A tune I made - SoundCloud:

Some sing/rapping to The Octopus Project - What They Found

Just fiddling with some beats again


slug always delivers


slug always delivers

I should be doing other things but I made a beat


Greatest poet….


Wax and EOM - Coins

Made a new beat, check it out sorry for any crackling


Kid Cudi talks to Big Boy about G.O.O.D. Music
(this is pt2 of the interview posted few days ago)

(via dontoverdoseonthursday-deactiva)

Just finished making a dubstep beat, check it out!


I just made pages for my all artwork, music and poetry. Go check them out!