Open Your Eyes

How wild are you willing to get?

WildFievel & A-Wizard

Birth of Smudge
A-Wizard & WildFievel

Part of the Pleasure

Leaning on my desk

I see her standing over there

with that black magic

hair, raven sleek stare

and god-forbidden hips

though god knows I never cared.

Like church service skirt shadows

I can’t look away from,

my eyes walk a line

from neck veins to navel.

Flesh framed

to temples of voodoo ritual,

touch eachother’s dolls,

burnin’ weed in the steeple.

I spread strawberries preserved

in belladonna nectar

opening under

a crescent grin,

essences stretched

effervescently thin

into the cauldron


I feel like I could get in trouble,

the same kind of trouble

since I was six,

that trouble I like

makes me bite my lip

and Virgin Mary séance candle

eyes get lit.

Taboo sits in the sight

of the brainwashed

contained by worry

over what could be

laughed at.

It’s laughter I hold back

that’s part of the pleasure

in the middle of the night

with this sultry sorceress

gripped to my side,

knowing nothing is wrong

and this shit’s alright,

surrounded by jokes

of people

keeping themselves

from being this







Untitled (2 ft. x 4 ft.)
spray paint and acrylic on osb


Wizard Shit


The StruggleFluorescent acrylic paint & acrylic paint on plywood. About 2’ x 4’.Collaboration between Wild Fievel, A. Wizard, &  Cheyenne Rawhoof.  


The Struggle

Fluorescent acrylic paint & acrylic paint on plywood. 
About 2’ x 4’.

Collaboration between Wild Fievel, A. Wizard, &  Cheyenne Rawhoof.  

My new sounds:

My new sounds: