Open Your Eyes

How wild are you willing to get?


Riding to the blood moon


Riding to the blood moon

For the Hummingbirds

I’m a beehive buzzin

honeysuckle from the tree

in the moonshine


boomers by the creek.

Reaper reborn

and reaper repeats

when we’re eaten by the dirt

bag of worms on our feet.

Now my mouth’s in the mud,

snake eyes lookin crooked,

crawlin past a pack of tadpoles

picked up in a bucket,

thinking I’m not chosen,

I just settle in the roots

til I grow up

in the oak branch

that gave me all

my love.



Squirrel death shrine in our yard

Every Think is Happenin Without End

What Now


Don’t want

not that



all of the


rafter rusty

dusty nasty

can’t believe

that could ask me

what makes

myself and everything

the same old.



cutting Carter’s hair


"All I want to be is a drunk cat.. forever"


"All I want to be is a drunk cat.. forever"

Pumped to Die

All my friends are cool

with dying

and that’s why

we’re alright.

Not that we’d

end our lives, because

we’re cool

with living too

but we’ll take it

like pavement to the face

if life wants to give it.

Gums getting shredded

and you can’t tell

but we’ll be smiling

big and bloody

holding each other’s

busted finger bone

flesh sacks

as we get fucking crushed

into oblivion.


on two ends of a sidewalk leading up to the junior high


oil on canvas

Dracula’s wedding


Dracula’s wedding

poem for a young poet


my dear friend,
everyone with a dictionary
is Sexton
& everyone with a
box of crayons is Da Vinci
and everyone who has
a grandmother that tells them
they sing like an angel
is Elvis

but you have to
let it be your sex
your passion
your high fashion -
wear it like the flesh

black light lizard life

black light lizard life